On 26/01/2010 we founded the association "Die FotoWilden“ (The PhotoEnthusiasts). Another photo club, what for? There are already countless groups, where enthusiasts can share photos.

Our aim was not just about creating a forum for those interested in photography: We see ourselves more as a group that brings together all kinds of people by all aspects of photography, people with and without disabilities. Photography is for us one of the many opportunities to achieve mutual recognition, participation and integration in everyday life. Quite naturally and without fuss.

On our program are in addition to picture discussions, short presentations and workshops, joint field trips, projects and exhibitions. Dealing with each other and learning from each other is just as important as the photographic results. Fun in the group may of course not come too short.

Have we roused your interest? Then come and see us, without any obligation. We meet every 3rd Tuesday of each month - except August and December - on 19:00 h in the rooms of the AWO in the VHS-building, Bahnhofsplatz no. 14, Starnberg. The FotoWilden will meet you with great pleasure!